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Builds cabinets and carries out electrical assemblies designed to distribute and secure the supply of electrical energy to installations, machines, appliances, etc. According to plans, he/she assembles components (contactors, circuit breakers, etc.) on a frame, groups together sets of cables and runs them along the planned route… He/she makes connections, carries out tests, sometimes proceeds to the commissioning of certain equipment.

He/she builds and repairs all types of mechanical assemblies or motors. With the help of a manufacturing range and drawings, he/she assembles the parts he/she needs (gears, pinions, cams, bearings, shafts, etc.). It grinds them if necessary and assembles them progressively by gluing, riveting, screwing… He/she regularly checks the dimensions, the free movement of the moving parts and the balance of the assembly. At the end of assembly, he/she carries out tests and adjustments. Precise and meticulous, he/she combines varied knowledge (mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, electricity, electronics) with a logical and methodical approach.

In our workshops in Blois (41), with missions on site at our clients’ sites in France or abroad, he/she must be rigorous to ensure his own safety, as well as that of the works he/she carries out and their users.

If you are interested: send your CV and cover letter to info@farbal.com with the reference.