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Farbal has been manufacturing wrapping machines for large-width films since 1974.

Number 1 in France, it manufactures all the components in a packaging line : sleeve wrapping machines, shrink tunnels, side cutting and side sealing units, as well as various handling accessories.

In both standard and tailor-made sizes, Farbal machines are especially suited for the packaging of oversized or irregularly-shaped products, at slow or fast throughputs.

More about the benefits of film packaging…

Farbal technicians are specialists who understand perfectly all constraints associated with packaging products of all dimension.

They have access to an extensive database of tried and tested technical solutions, as well as a 3D-CAD system adapted to modular concepts. They also use an efficient EDP tool that produces quotations quickly for speedy production.

Available and accustomed to high-level dialogue, they will be able to suggest the best technical solutions at very competitive cost.

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Quality, reliability and service: in a word, peace of mind.

Choosing a Farbal machine, means opting for long-term investment, built on a strong partnership and mutual trust.

  • Commissioning and training : beyond the creation of your packaging lines, Farbal specialists agree with you the conditions for commissioning the machines and train your teams.
  • After-sales service : a maintenance workshop provides our clients with a reliable and reactive after-sales service. Our specialists intervene on-site or via remote maintenance and can provide personalised services right up to the transformation or evolution of machines. More…