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The FARBAL wrapping units  are supplied with 750 to 4000 mm sealing bars as standard and an opening for loads between 100 and 1100 mm high to pass through.

They are suitable for various throughput rates, with the heat bars :

  • under constant heat for rapid throughputs,
  • under impulsion for slow throughputs.

The bar heater is thermostatically controlled and linked to a cutting device, which prevents all loss of material or time.

All wrapping units are designed and manufactured in accordance with each customer’s needs (dimensions, characteristics of products to be packaged, pre-existing equipment), for an appropriate, modular solution.

Specific models may be fitted with a cooling jig.

Operating principle

The wrapping unit envelops the loads under polyethylene film (that may or may not be heat shrinkable). The wrapping unit is usually the first component in the polyethylene packaging line.

The loads are first sent along the feed conveyor. They are picked up and passed through the wrapping unit film curtain up to the intermediary conveyor. The necessary film is unrolled automatically from 2 horizontal reels.

The loads are halted by photo-electric cells. The sealing bar assembly closes automatically. A double seal with cut finishes the wrapping of the load. The film curtain is reinstated at the same time for the following load.