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machine soudure latérale

FARBAL side sealing units are used for side seals on lengths between 750 and 3500 mm and to cut the film. The width is set manually or automatically.

Farbal side sealing units have the same technological qualities as the sleeve wrapping machines on which they are based. They are suitable for various throughput rates, with the heat bars :

  • under constant heat for rapid throughputs,
  • under impulsion for slow throughputs.

The bar heater is thermostatically controlled and linked to a cutting device, which prevents all loss of material or time.

Operating principle

The side sealing units seal the films on the sides of the loads.

The side sealing units include two sealing bars and seal the products perpendicular to the sleeve wrapping seals.

The side sealing units are recommended for two configurations :

  • Producing 4-seal packaging without heat shrinking.
  • Prior to the shrink tunnel to produce heat-sealed packaging requiring an immaculate finish (for marketing or shop display purposes).