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FARBAL electrical cabinets supply power to the machines so that they can operate in good safety conditions. They are designed, assembled and wired in-house by our Farbal experts, always tailor-made, developing the most optimised industrialisation solutions in partnership with customers.

FARBAL electrical cabinets are made up of a CPU, an HMI, safety relays, variable speed drives, solid-state contactors, etc., various industrial automation systems and PLC programming systems that enable the various industrial equipment of the FARBAL machine to be controlled/set-up. Our advanced knowledge of PLC programming enables us to offer the most relevant and innovative electrical solutions.

FARBAL’s know-how and expertise in this field means that we can respond to all requests quickly and efficiently, selecting the equipment used with care, thus guaranteeing the quality of the products assembled in compliance with the standards in force. FARBAL is equipped to program the entire range of Schneider Electric, Siemens, Leroy Somer, Allen-Bradley, etc. PLCs.

Whenever a machine is installed at the customer’s premises, our experienced FARBAL technicians provide training for the operating and maintenance staff, enabling them to be autonomous in the correct use of the FARBAL machine. Please note that the wiring diagrams (marked) are supplied in compliance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE (Directive No. 2004/108/CE relating to electromagnetic compatibility and 2006/95/CE relating to low voltage).

FARBAL also carries out maintenance operations, troubleshooting and diagnostics of PLC breakdowns to ensure customer satisfaction.