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Shrinkable film packaging has been used in France since the early seventies. At first it was restricted to glassware and baked clay building products, but its use has widened and continues to expand in all industries.

This expansion is explained by the numerous benefits offered by this process, especially in terms of ease of use and space saving.

As for the ecological balance of the polyethylene (PE) film >> 100% recyclable & 100% recycled (very favourable to the circular economy!)

  • Polyethylene (PE) film is a 100% recyclable material; it offers a much better ecological balance than other packaging materials (especially for packaging large products).
  • PE film is low in raw materials.
  • PE film is also economical during production, transport and disposal & recycling (unlike other packaging materials).
* LCA : Life Cycle Assesment

During manufacture >> high-performance technology

  • Easy mechanisation.
  • Automation of packaging operations.
  • End-of-line quality product control.
  • Wide range of polyethylene films.
  • The PE shrink film provides high mechanical strength to the product packaging.
  • Space saved for film roll storage.

During transport >> lightweight and space saving

  • Load maintenance and cohesion.
  • Guaranteed tamper and anti-theft protection.
  • Clear reduction in transport disputes.
  • Space saving and lightweight packaging.

During storage >> optimum protection

  • Protection against dust, inclement weather, grime and scratches.
  • Outside storage possible thanks to ultraviolet radiation treatment which preserves the transparency of the film even during prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • Space saving thanks to a packaging without specific volume.

At sales outlet >> promotional asset

  • Advertising medium appreciated by manufacturers.
  • Polyethylene film is easy to mark.
  • Fast visual inspection of products when received.
  • Easy unpacking.
  • Substantial reduction in packaging waste.
  • Product promotion by visualisation through transparent packaging.
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